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Lovely tiramisu that I got to try from Kucina, Italian restaurant that was simple yet just so lovely to eat! It’s not so heavy like most cakes, it’s lightly flushed with the smell of cocoa powder at the top which is so heavenly! And chocolate dressings at the TOP.  And afterwards you feel the bite … Continue reading

Notes to Myself 

Today’s goal is to be able to share my experiences so far in the industry. To answer questions doubts and worries  To ask the students what they want to learn. What they want to be.  What are their ideas.  What do they wanna do.  Dreams are good. Dreams make goals. Goals make achievements and success. 

Bowling Birds

What a sight I saw the other day of these birds positioned nicely like Bowling pins at the bowling alley. Then there was the cat that is watching them almost half-heartedly…  I think the birds are making a fool of the cat. Such sadistic humour from the wildlife! Shows abit of how time has changed. … Continue reading

Inside a Wood Factory

What a beautiful location that we went today. Went to recce it for a possible location shoot. In Singapore it’s very rare that you get to see this sort of location let alone go inside. Situated normally on the super outskirts of Singapore, you’ll need permission and probably someone’s word of mouth who has already … Continue reading

Reflections – Being in Your 30’s

Funny how life works. When we talk about casting for our TV shows, there’s always an age group that we talk about.  “I need someone who’s in their 30’s for this/that role”  Suddenly you realize that you ARE in the 30’s age group! The people that you have been looking into to casts as managers, … Continue reading

What Gets You Hired – A Quote

“Your character and not your skill gets you hired” For the first time in my life, I actually have a senior who quoted me from a one on one interview that I had to takeover from my Creative Director. Blushed much? Of course! I never would expect that any words from my being would change … Continue reading

Going Out With Sisters

So it was an awesome Sunday where I got to hang out with my sisters since such a long long time! We were meeting up to discuss my sister’s wedding happening in February next year with the soon-to-be Mother-in-law. Just so that everyone’s on the same page. So that was really helpful to clear things … Continue reading

The Refugees

I think I’m at a point where I wish I can contribute in some ways of my time and effort in helping people. Whenever I see the news and the pictures, it is always so saddening to know there are people suffering out there and how really blessed I am, truly, to have my family … Continue reading

The View From Cheap Seats

Oh not at all Mr Gaiman. I’m truly thankful that I bought your book because it propelled me to write again… On my blog!  Well as you can see the title is from a new book by Neil Gaiman. It’s surprisingly not fiction! And how hooked I was by the title first and then a … Continue reading

The Martian & Space Thoughts

   I’ve been reading The Martian which recently came out with a film as well. The book is written by Andy Weir, who’s a space and astronomy fan and geek. I watched the film first before my boss lent me the book and as I had just finished reading House of Hades, Percy Jackson’s Heroes … Continue reading


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