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Going Out With Sisters

So it was an awesome Sunday where I got to hang out with my sisters since such a long long time! We were meeting up to discuss my sister’s wedding happening in February next year with the soon-to-be Mother-in-law. Just so that everyone’s on the same page. So that was really helpful to clear things up and focus on what needs to be done. 

I’m actually quite excited for her big day actually. I’m not much of a wedding person but hey, it’s my sister’s wedding! Something exciting this way comes! 😊 

I haven’t talked much about my wedding either nor how’s life has been like since then. Maybe I will in the next few posts. But life has been interesting. 

Anyway back to the outing! So after the meeting we went out together and the goal was to watch Lights Out the movie together. I was pretty excited to watch this with my sisters because they are the best people to watch horror film with. Haha! 

So booked the tickets and we went for a short window shopping at VivoCity. It was crazily crowded there because it’s the weekends. But somehow I didn’t get tired so easily. Which was an awesome feeling! Maybe it’s the sports shoes! 

Lights Out was awesome and freakingly good. It had awesome scares but importantly have heart to the story. I was half of the time clutching my Sister and shouting “cibai” at the screen. (*cibai=pussy) not forgetting squealing like a girl. Which upon reflection, was quite invigorating to be shouting and screaming in the theatre. 😂

After which, we went around window shopping and buying stuffs. Girly things. Which was refreshing to say the least! I never did like shopping for one thing. Then again maybe I was able to look and buy as well.  There’s the adventure of trying out pants at Zara. Sifting through piles of clothes at Cotton On and watching the building mess of shoes at the sitting area. (The mess was unbelievable!) 

In any case, it was a long tiring day but Super fulfilling. Great outing with great company and I miss them loads. It’s been awhile since we had such a fun day like that. Eating, laughing and just doing girly things. =) 

Thank you for the company lovely susters! Hope there’ll me more of such outings again. =) 



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