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The Refugees

I think I’m at a point where I wish I can contribute in some ways of my time and effort in helping people. Whenever I see the news and the pictures, it is always so saddening to know there are people suffering out there and how really blessed I am, truly, to have my family around me still alive and well. That the streets is safe, that I can work and earn a living. I have food on the table, I buy food and merrily eat it with my friends and colleagues. 

So blessed. 

And I feel bad for those fleeing from their war torn country, in search of a safer and better place to live in for their families. How can I help? I feel so helpless sometimes. 

And I realize I can contribute with monetary donations because I am far away. My country does not take in refugees. Perhaps we’re too small and too vulnerable to do so. 
But money is what they probably need. I do hope that the money in its transformed way, (into food, shelter, clothings) will reach and help them. 

If you would like to help, you may check out http://www.Bapa.org.sg to contribute and donate. I pray that their journey is smoothen with help given their way and protection. May they find a place of safety somewhere and build their lives again. 



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