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Cycling Home

Cycled back home today and still felt good. Of course not all the way… Best part about foldies, you can ride the train! 

Cycling at night however is a little intimidating just because the streets gets very quiet and no sign of life. So I tried a different route today which was pretty cool still. The buses passing by helped to break the silence and quietness. 

The journey itself was slightly more fun than the West Coast Highway actually. More things to see, more activity. 

But safety first. My Sister suggested I get a horn and attach it to my bike as well just in case. I might just look for that in fact. 

This morning I had a nice one hour walk after sending my mum for dialysis. Was on a mission as well to take a moment and see the small little things that I so easily dismiss. And found this little cute flower. I haven’t found the name yet for it or what species. But amazing isn’t it that it’s so small growing on the ground watching people rushing by. And yet it looks so beautifully simple and cute that I probably wouldn’t see it either if I hadn’t slowed down and looked around. 

So furry and fluffy. To more discoveries! 



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