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sniffly suckers sticks to my snufflers

Suddenly writing fever is coming back to me. To express myself and to say what I want to say. To be me. I was reading what I wrote previously back in 2007. I wouldn’t say I was a good writer but damn, I’m amazed at how expressive I was…at writing nonsense and just plain expressing my feelings!

And I love it! Haha! Gives me the giggles reading what I wrote in the past. My woes and ‘me-against-the-world’ syndrome is hilarious to read.

This one was written when I was sick and I think it was just a matter of wanting to write my thoughts. Amazing bullshits I can come up with. I wonder if I can still write like that at this age.

Ha! Food for thought.

I miss myself…my 23 – 26 year old self. How I wish I can go back and rewrite things.

The Little Good Stuffs

Head throbbing painfully with the wheezy tickles on my nose, I clamp my nose with a tissue and sat down stubbornly in front of the ibook, with all the intention of browsing the world out there.

Being politically involved in something that is of deep waters can be quite dangerous and rather pointless, unless you know what’s down there. If it is gold you seek, one must question oneself what sort of gold, what are it’s uses and if it will actually profit you at the end of all the trouble. In the end, you should wonder as well if it is really valuable or are you better off with eating rice, fried fish and with a salted egg. That way, you stay happy by yourself, for yourself.

My super soaker nose has somehow gotten itself into running-for-cover nose as it rains heavily down with flowy dribbles of muck!…

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