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My Cat Turned Into a Man

I was sifting through my previous entries and found this. Reading back again, I don’t remember this at all but amazing how the visuals are so vivid. I’m pretty sure what I’m imagining it now is probably different from the dream. Which is awesome! I wonder what the dream meant…

PS: Choky is still around and alive. Still handsome and cute. But fussier with the food. Tsk…

The Little Good Stuffs

I had this weird dream that my cat turned into a man. Choky turned into a tall figured man, but he still had whiskers on him. Looked pretty cute as well.

But Choky was looking for another kitty, his partner. I told him I haven’t seen her around. Choky looked at me like assessing if i was telling the truth. And then he told me to tell him something that he didn’t know. I said, “No I’m sorry. I don’t know where she is and I don’t know what you want.”

He kept repeating that to me and then he touched my face. With his paw! It felt so cool and cute in the dream then. And then his cat eyes turned gold and told me to tell him something that he didn’t know.

So I told him that I don’t want him to leave the house because its not…

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