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Nightly Wonders

I just find it amazing how my mood can sometimes drop like a bullet in an instance just by a comment, a word, a stressful thought, worry, anxiety and confrontations. It felt like an out of body experience watching how my start of the day began with an uplifting super day into the most weariest, draining and depressing day ever. Have I been feeling this way all my life? Restarting my day with full of hopes and then coming back home, crushed and defeated with life every time? It was truly sad to view this as a third-person, and especially at myself because it was connected to me.

But I realized that again, everyone has control of their emotions and mind. I always have a choice. To be happy, to laugh at a joke, to be merry and glad, to be gracious etc. There are just some people who are out there being mean and shoving their way into my life like a bulldozer, uncaring of my emotions or feelings. So it is up to me to make my life easier and happier. Life is too short to be angry with everyone every day.

So, here’s patting myself on the back that it’s okay. It’s just life’s work. There are so many things to be happy and grateful for. People who make you laugh, who are willing to share your problems, whom you can talk to, share your burden and make you happy back again. So with every mean idiot in my life who enjoys spoiling my day, there’s always something or someone good at the same time who will reverse that and make my day awesome as well.

And I should remember that every day. Thank you lovely people, family, colleagues, friends and my lovely kitties who supports me, “like a stone”. My day was awesome because you were around to make it so.

Going to sleep like a stone with happy thoughts. #noneedfuckersinmydreams



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