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Turning 30 And How I Didn’t Have Time to Think About It


I turned 30 this month but I didn’t have time to think about it much as I was so busy. Maybe that’s a good thing…

But it is not everyday that you turned a decade older. People have written books, novels and articles about the big three zero and how to handle it. I guess it is quite a big deal. So I thought I should just take the time with myself and see what I find.

And I manage to come up with a list of things that are relevant to being thirty! Be it good or bad, truth or false, it may or may not relate to some people. So take it as a pinch and maybe those who are turning or have turned (I make it sound like you’re turning into a vampire…) can share what they feel too!

1. A year more of maturity and experience. You’ve earned your life span. It is a badge of honor that is prized! No way you can speed this up and earned it on the express line. You can finally hold it up proudly at least.

2. Dreams don’t stop. They can still happen! No matter how old you are! (Or do I sound desperate here?)

3. A year wiser in making choices & decisions. Again, that badge of honor similar to point no.1. (I guess some might beg to differ this based on some of the questionable decisions I had made…)

4. Life still goes on. No matter what. So you don’t have to feel bad about the number because nobody is.

5. Responsibilities – it just grows as the number gets bigger. BUT, somehow you take it in your stride and you move on.

6. Health is of a concern. You think twice about eating that french fries. You realize you haven’t been exercising and that tummy bulge is not going away anytime soon. You had better start doing something about it before it is too late.

7. The knee joints aches more now after a bend or a couple of squats. It cannot be the age can it? NOOOOO! (Related to point no.6)

8. Reminiscing songs, movies & everything that happened in your life’s history and retelling them to the young folks who gives you the weird looks when they don’t recognize the music or movies that you’re quoting. When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth anybody?

9. Conversational topics now are easily about marriage, family, house & even children. Seriously. 0_0

10. Social media becomes a chore. Updating your status about what you eat and how that colleague is making you angry at work?? Not cool anymore. Hmmpf!

11. The wrinkles around your eyes becomes more prominent. You’re worried.

12. You wondered why you haven’t completed achieving the other goals in your list. It’s been there every year in your wish list dammit!

13. You begin to be interested in domestic-related things, like furniture and how to drill holes around your house. (Well, it’ll be great if we can hang the photos up on the wall right?)

14. You start to get intensely interested in gardening and planting herbs. (You can just pluck basil from your HDB-corridor-herb-plant-garden and make pasta. How homely is that!)

15. You want to start your own sideline business to better increase your income. (I’m thinking of making t-shirt prints of my cats. I think it’s time they earned their keep and fully utilize their cuteness. Cute sells nowadays right?)

And so life still continues and new adventures will come up. I think turning 30 is quite exciting but at the same time scary too because I’m not that primed, healthy and energetic as I used to be. There are so many what-ifs but I think that is the best part about growing older. You take it in your stride and you modify it. The most that I worry about turning 30 is that I’m not healthy and that I’m running out of time to be fit.

And the best part about it is you’re always learning new things. Very important.

So don’t be shy or fearful of turning 30 because it is as fresh as turning 20!

But do check back for updated entries should I turned depressive and blamed it on the age.
PS: Here are some articles which I read about turning 30. If anyone would like a second opinion:

20 Facts About Turning 30
Turning 30 and Dreading It?
Five Immediate Changes When I Turned 30

PS 2: I just remembered having white hair is another problem or sign of indication of turning 30. But then I also remembered that I already had white hair when I was 25…sucks having it passed down through family lineage!



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