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Chasing Storms – Camille Seaman

Chasing Storms – Camille Seaman




If I wasn’t in the media line, my dream job would have been to be an environmentalist or a storm chaser!

One of my favourite things to read up when I was younger was about tornadoes, storms, lightning and how rain came about. It was really awesome. We used to have a whole bunch of thick encyclopedia’s and a series of Look It Up books for young readers on anything about science, nature, the planets, and geography.

I LOVED those books. There were so many fun activities for us to do. There were things like measuring rainfall with a bottle, building your own wind vane and the different cloud formations.

It was really too bad we didn’t bring it along when we moved house though.

But back to the main point of this entry, I truly admire these people who are out there doing all these interesting work about the nature. I mean come on, not many people would go out there and chase storms just to take a picture of them, or even do research on them. Like the two stormchasers Tim Samaras and Carl Young, veteran storm researchers who unfortunately died in the path of the storm.

Nevertheless, I truly find these people amazing because of what they do and how they push the boundaries and knowledge of the things they are pursuing after. It is quite inspiring. I hope I can bring that into whatever I’m doing now at least. Perhaps that can bring me closer to my interest of my dream jobs in some ways!


2 thoughts on “Chasing Storms – Camille Seaman

  1. I’ve never had the guts to be a storm chaser (or even dream of being one), but I was so amazed by the movie Twister (I was 9 then) that when I was older I got even more fascinated that they had like, “tour groups” for chasing storms. Photos of lightning and tornadoes never fail to amaze me.

    Posted by thepeningpengantin | June 25, 2013, 12:45 am

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