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Cycling By the Bay



Barofchoc was sharing her cycling story in the morning and it felt so fun that we decided to do it! Additionally as well it was rare to see the three sisters at home together so we decided what the hell! Let’s do it!

So it was we went to Bicycle Hut, which is located just beside the Singapore Recreational Club, to rent out some bikes for some cycling around town. How fun? Very! I think it is the first time I cycled around town in fact. It is also a friend of ours who owned the rental shop so it was great seeing him again!

The owner had actually brought barofchoc on a cycling route previously to Marina Barrage and so we headed out on the same route and checked out the Singapore scenery on bikes!

First of all, I love the bike. It is slightly smaller, not mountain bike size. But it is agile and speedy! So it was pretty fun riding it and you didn’t have any difficulties of balance or having it too tall to reach the ground.

And off we go!

We went pass Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands, Satay Club, Marina Barrage, over the bridge and crossed to the other side where the golf course is.

It was amazing! Beautiful view and the weather was just right. And of course it has been awhile since sisters and me hanged out together. It was really fun!

And so after taking scenic pictures as well as camwhore ones with ourselves, we headed back as the sun slowly sets.

It was tiring but I think the best fun thing to do then just walking around and window shop around the endless shopping malls. Honestly, if you really want to see the beauty of Singapore, just rent a bike at Bicycle Hut and speed around town to have a scenic view and let your eyes wander the cityscape.

It’s tiring enough to shop for things non stop at the malls, which are not that cheap anyway. That energy could be better spent on seeing the people, the scenes around Singapore on the bike.

I’ve never had so much fun before going to town until now. And yes I’m promoting my friend’s business because I think it is an awesome place and activity to do apart from the usual things like shopping and more shopping.

So if anyone out there would like to check it out, I’ll just post out the address here for you to see and perhaps drop by if you ever have the time. Cheers!

The Bicycle Hut
B Connaught Drive (Beside Singapore Recreation Club)
Nearest MRT Station: City Hall
Tel: 9731 0817





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