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Sars – a Memory

Sars - a Memory

Tomorrow I’ll be finalizing and packaging the other language Sars programme that we’ve been busy with. If all is okay, it’ll be telecasting tomorrow night as well.

Tomorrow, it’ll be a huge relieve as well to know that both programmes are safely in the can. It is a memory indeed doing this project and as much as it has been painful with a lot of hardship and struggles, it has also been very educational and informative.

I barely remembered my experience with Sars in 2003 so I learnt a lot while doing research and reading up news articles. I remembered I had to take temperatures though when I was in polytechnic and whining about how it was such an a nuisance. It’s funny how we take so many things for granted honestly, because the disease could kill and it was that serious, at that time.

Hence it was really interesting to read stories of these people who had contracted Sars and were facing the disease alone. As there wasn’t really a medication that can cure. It was really your own body fighting against the disease.

It was a thoughtful process amidst the production chaos which pulled through everyone’s motivation to do the programme.

I honestly thank the interviewees and the ordinary figures that the stories were based on because we met the real people and talked to them.

So that was really the cool part about doing a docu-drama which I thought was very interesting for me.



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