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Cheers…Drink to the Guys

It was really nice meeting up with Fiza and Suhaimi. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the two of them! I wish I could say many things to them, now that everything is over. But, everything IS over and the moment is long gone to rectify, to appease, and to explain.

I think it scarred us all indefinitely. But boy do we learn so much from that experience. I realized many things that could have been done better, many things that could have been better managed. And I think I manage to outgrew a certain fear that I knew I had to overcome.

The sad part to all of these is that we just have to move on and leave it behind. Said or unsaid, it’s been done. I’ll probably never find out what they feel about everything. That was the whole point of the wrap party I guess…to reconnect.

It was a damned project. Battles forged, wounded and scarred. But we manage to get out of it alive and survive the onslaught.

I just hope they think of us better now that its old news and past event. I also hope they understand what it was that we went through and that no matter what, we were a team, trying to reach a certain goal together.

And I’m super glad that they look happy and well with whatever they are doing right now. I’m sure they’ll be fantastic in whatever they do. I’m sure of it.

So cheers to them and to the awesome team who suffered through and came out scathed but unbeaten in the struggle. Cheers!



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