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Top 10 Tips of Making Lists

Top 10 Tips of Making Lists

Richard Branson recently wrote about his experiences and tips of making lists. Check out the link.

And it is something that I’ve recently acquired the habit of. I used to be a little depressed about it as I keep creating TO DO lists on every single page and nothing else. I’m wondering, am I really that boring? My life is just a lists of things to do? Where are the ideas page?

But I soon come to realize that the lists tells me everything that I need to do. Everything I forget, things that I need to check out. It even comes down to the point of reminding myself to call someone. And sometimes, lists reminds me of things that I need to develop into or something that interest me and I’d like to read up more of.

It is those things that leads to something more wonderful every time and inspiring.

It’s the best thing that ever happened to me actually!

Of course I still fall into forgetfulness and lapse occasionally but that’s when I get reminded again to write them all down.

I find that writing lists can be quite a joy in fact. It is like a diary as well as an idea generator for me. And it is so interesting to hear other people’s stories of their writing habits. Its just enjoyable and inspiring to hear what they do.

So do check out Richard Branson’s top 10 tips for making lists if you find it useful for yourself. And to share a bit of my experience in this lists making habit, I’d like to contribute a tip:

Write whatever is in your thoughts. WHATEVER. Be it small or big, a word, a drawing, ANYTHING. As it will truly help to trigger something new, or a memory of why you wrote it down. And sometimes it’ll manifest into something awesome that you haven’t thought of at the point of writing. Plus it gets things done so…what’s there to lose right?



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