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Today Mr R bumped into a song while running through potential songs for our upcoming big project. The song is a cover of an oldie sung by Yuna herself, called “Bulan Ditutup Awan” (Cloud Covers the Moon).

It was such a poetic and emotional piece of music but sung in an upbeat melodic tune. So wonderful and tragic too. The original song was sung by actress & singer, Rokiah Wanda who  passed away in 1994. And somehow it reminded me of my mum! I was just thinking that, she would know this song. It was during the 60’s!

And you know sometimes how songs can recall you to a moment of your life where an event or emotion happened. Almost like tagging the song to your memories you know? I have that a lot. Like I get all emo and shit when I hear Chris Cornell’s – Black Hole Sun… (sigh).

And so I wondered if my mum had that too! What was she going through when she was listening to this song? What did she like then? What was running through her mind when the song was being played?

So I asked her today, after she’s had a nice bath and sitting quietly in the living room, if she knew of the singer and the song…and she did! Immediately! I was psyched. I told her I’ve been listening to a new version of it and let her listen to the one sung by Yuna. And then she sang along lah!

My tiger mum, the no-nonsense lady, the frowning and grouchy woman, singing along to a rebooted oldie song… did I just hit a jackpot?

We connected! We had something to talk about! YAY!!!

All I can say is…these moments are truly extremely rare.

But she never said anything further about the music. I didn’t dare probe at this point. It needs another batch of coaxing and good mood moments to dig out her stories. Funnily enough, I felt good just telling her about the music. I feel reconnected to my mum, or at least, learning more about my roots.

So to share my brief reconnected experience with my mum (as that’s very important about moments and experiences…you need to share them!), here’s Yuna’s version of the song.

It’ll be so awesome to work with Yuna on our project really.



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