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Why My Sister Wants a Typewriter

I love typewriters. My dad had one before which was really nice and compact. It was black and orange in color with nice black rectangular keys I believe. When we left our old house, we didn’t take it with us… and I doubt dad did too. What a waste…

So anyhow, my sister loves typewriters as well and has been raving and going on a craze about it until I’m a little icky whenever she speaks about it. It’s not that I’m annoyed or anything but honestly, who types on typewriters nowadays right?

I can only assume there are three types of people who would still use typewrites.

1. Old school writers who have been using them for ages and prefers them to laptops.

2. People who has no access to computers or unable to afford them possibly.

3. Collectors!

And so I ask my sister why?! Why bother? I mean I love typewriters for collectables. There are some which are really really nice and gorgeous! And I’ll probably use the typewriter once or twice. But I can’t foresee myself using it for a long time before going back to my laptop and surfing the net.

However, after checking out this video that my sister recommended me to watch, I was compelled and very much enticed as to how one person can actually make use of typewriters in a different way other than to type letters or write a script, a book or a recipe even.




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