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Good News

New Week

The weekend was such a fulfilling week for me. I learn so much! Although it was 3 full off days which i could have taken to take a rest, I decided to choose to learn something instead of staying home.

I learnt so much about:

How to make money
How to fulfill your life
How to be rich
How to be a better person

Etc. It was so great to feel recharged emotionally since working with so many negative charged people just makes you pissy every single day that I lost my purpose and my positive charge for people and love ones.

I’m also very happy for Mr R for his own sudden change and choice over the weekend. He decided to close his Facebook!

Awesome! I think that’s like the best idea ever!

I feel like doing the same but I’ll hold for a while cos there’s updates to be done to the company website. So facebook and twitter will stay just for that.

So cheers to an awesome weekend!



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