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Forgetful Moments


Ok considering so much happening recently, its so weird to be in the midst of the controversy as well with the show that we are currently doing. Its amazing that people are quite hyped up about the show on two opposite levels!

First are the ones who are great fans of the people and would watch it for them. The second would be the people who entirely hates them for degenerating whatever it is on their online content and are expecting the same thing to be on the tv show.

I guess the only thing that can be of comfort for these people is the fact that the tv show is entirely different from what they are expecting it to be. Its going to be a drama. A basic tv drama. Some might even be disappointed.

I hope people can just calm down a bit, instead of getting all riled up on facebook (an anti-facebook page of the show is created lah!) and perhaps just take a peek or look at what the show has to offer.

As worrying as it may sound, I am very very intrigued to see how the audiences are going to respond to the show. I think the channel itself is very brave to go through with this.Β  I hope it’ll all be worth it! And I do hope that those who hate it would come to like it if not love it and change their perspective on these duos.



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