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To KL & Back: A Brief Travelog of a Non Shopaholic

This entry will be brief I suppose. While most times people go to KL to shop and have fun. I however was there to have a relaxation time.

But due to budget limitations, KL was still the best choice to do so just to get out of the country.

Unfortunately, I’m a bad shopper. I hate shopping. I hate to walk around malls and look at things that I can’t buy. Or to look at things that I’m not interested to buy at the moment. I LOVE lazing around cafes however and eating and simply chit chatting for hours. I could stare into nothingness with a cup of tea and still be happy. Of course, that long lost book that you’ve been wanting to read would certainly help pass the time and space. A long beach with the sands and water….

But anyway I was in KL and here’s my travelog. Worst one anyone has ever read I bet. Oh well…

Step 1: Camwhore whenever possible…and whenever you remember that you have a camera with you.



Oh look! Again!

Then you have your solo camwhore shots.


Side profile…


Picture of the feet. Very important. Different flooring and different place.

Mr bear with his starbucks drink. Always take photos of your friends and family who are with you on your trip.


And a smiling to camera shot.

A random supermarket at Pavilion mall. This was random because I wasn’t sure if its alright to take photos in the supermarket. Its a nice mart actually. Very cold storage-ish and lots of halal products.


Just like the brand and packaging.

A nice ceiling at Starhill Gallery mall. Its very Millenia Walk mall-ish type but beautiful. Good Korean restaurant here which serves halal meat! Awesome!

Funky walkways towards the Marriott Hotel. Very grooovy.


Me at the groovy walkway.

V for Vendetta! I watched the movie the night before on my laptop.


I’m somehow excited about this Bait movie. Its been 3 consecutive times that I’ve been hearing about it and I’m very very curious to see how it looks!

Chocolate cake at The Loaf. Nice but damn filling…or maybe we already ate too much by then…


Chocolate cake again.

Me enjoying the cup of tea in front. I was extremely stuffed here!


Tiramisu! Not bad. Quite nice. From The Loaf as well.


Tiramisu tighter shot.

Tiramisu looks like a lump of fat. But quite nice.


Mr Bear posing for shot. He was drinking some funky drink, which has a coffee ice cubes and then they pour milk all over it. Its kinda groovy tasting but it led to us eventually skipping dinner cos’ his stomach went wonky after that. Regretted drinking the drink after that.

Stomachache has not started yet.

Some arty shot of the sugar cubes. The bottles are nice.

Ok that’s all I have so far during that 3 days. Lots of stuffs was not captured on stills…due to my usual lack of photography awareness….sigh~ But as you can see, the lack of shopping is obvious. I only bought blank notebooks for my sisters. 3 packs of chocolate croissants. Jelly beans for Fizz. And a pair of socks.



Update: Have a few more photos to share:






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