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Its Been Ages!

Haven’t been blogging in ages. It’s been such a whirlwind of activities at work and there’s not much time to sit back and relook at things. Its scary to know how fast time just flies. You’re preparing for the next show and before you know it, the shows on air and 3 months have gone! And June’s almost over!

I’m honestly not sure if this is healthy really. The things you missed in that 3 months can’t be retrieved or gained back. My white hairs are filling up my head like a witch and I’m wondering what the hell am I to do when I turn 30. Its coming up real fast mind…

But surprisingly, working in this line made me grow up real fast. Or maybe the age had to do with it as well…but wow, when you’re handling budgets in and out, you start to work on your own personal finances and see what you can cut down and work on. I think the thing that concerns me most at the moment would be my school debts that I have to pay. That’s like weighing behind my neck…like that girl who died and haunts her boyfriend in Shutter, and we see her sitting on the boyfriends’ shoulders at the end? That girl is what my debt is. A haunting.

But somehow I’m figuring it out and the only way right now is to pay them off slowly and surely. And as long as its paid. It can be finished off real fast.

And my biggest wish right now, is to have a loooooong weeek of nothingness. Of sleeping, of reading, of watching dvds or going out to watch movies. Of going for a swim. Sleeping again. Playing by the beach. Sleep. Go for a nice awesome two hours massage therapy. Sleep. Roll around in the sand. Travel. Reading about historical things or biographies. Another massage would be good. Learning to drive and dive. Draw my curly haired girl.

If I had just a nice, awesome soft mattress bed, with a jacuzzi or a bathtub, and television, I will NOT come out of my room at all. I would just stay in there and roll around in my bed and call for room service food and stay in there for 3 AWESOME days.

And I’ll be good. I think. That sounds awesome enough for me. Will make time for that.



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