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My Mum Can Be Hilarious

My sister’s recap of her conversation with my mum (quote from her blog):

My mother, The Tigermum:
tempat kau Ada jual coli?
(does your workplace sells bra?)

— umm… *thinks* ada seluar dalam ah.
(umm… *thinks* there’s underwear…)

ada brand baru tau! Nama dia Belvia.. Ni tunjuk Kat tv ha.. Bagus Mak tengok! Dia bergetah. 20ringgit.. Gitulah.. Mak nak lah pakai gitu..
(there’s a new brand you know! Its called Belvia…it was showing on TV…it looked very good! Its stretchable. About $20 or so… I want to wear that…)

My mum, who can be SOOO irritatingly annoying, bitchy, sarcastic, frustrating and everything ELSE that mums do, has also her quirky moments which are SOOOO bloody funny as well. She would suddenly just pop a question about something that she likes or seen and tell us about it. And its usually not something you would say, a conversation starter…more like awkward silence…

She’ll suddenly talk about bras, new cats in the vicinity that she fed, try out a new food that looked good on TV (from a channel 8 food show btw…), new cheap pants or t-shirts for work that I can get on Sundays at the market etc, have my hair cut (bob style…so totally old school lah but she thinks its the best hairstyle EVER)…etc.

Not much good topics though but its ALWAYS interesting to hear about it because apart from those that she talk about above, she’ll gossip instead… and its none other than about her children… ungrateful ones.

SO, the bra conversation seemed extremely funny to me at the moment because when I got home, my mum was telling me about it too! And I could totally see the scene between my mum and my sister, telling her about this special stretchy bra that seemed damn attractive and worth the buy, with her innocent and believe in the product.

Its these small, extremely rare moments that I declare how much I love my mum… and I wonder if she does too for us…



2 thoughts on “My Mum Can Be Hilarious

  1. She does.

    Moms have this problem of showing their love to their children.

    Trust me. She loves you all.


    Posted by Anonymous | January 1, 2012, 1:36 am

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