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Tea is good for the blood

I love tea. I think tea should be the national drink or something. I mean, I drink tea when I meet my friends for a gathering; when I visit my sister’s house and we will drink a teapot or two of nice hot tea from Cameron Highlands; when I’m at home and I feel tired of drinking milo 3-in-1s’ and plus its bad for your health so I will drink tea; when I go out with Man and we have a nice tea after walking like hours window shopping; drink tea for breakfast with my sisters etc. etc…

So tea is relatively an all-occasion drink. Plus its healthy! It prevents heart diseases, wards of cancer and signs of ageing (apparently), its an excellent stress-reliever (very important!), and interestingly enough it prevents dental plaque  formations in your teeth.

So its excellent! So have a tea today! With your friends, with your families, yourself. Just today, my sister and I had tea while waiting for our satay order. Look how happy she is! Awww…

My teaST's winning smile of tea!



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