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Why I Like Being ME

I think I like being me because I enjoy doing the stuffs I love. I love my name because there’s only 4 letters and I can do acronyms with it (although I have not tried). I love being inspired and reaching out to things that are above and beyond me so that I will always reach higher. I love to delve into my mind and as I think a lot about everything, I love to understand them and it may be sad things or it may be thoughtful things, but perhaps I love it even more because of it. I love to tease and be teased because its complementary and it tickles people and myself. I love my cats because they are furry balls of mischief and they can sometimes just make me so bloody angry with them but I don’t know why, I fall helplessly back in love with them. I love to meet long lost friends and I often wonder how they are doing. So its always fun to have gatherings and exclaim in surprise that they are married or have kids. Its just lovely. I love my sisters because they are like the cats. Infuriating, irritating and yet so fun, forgiving and fabulous! Oh look, I’m using acronyms! The three F’s! And I love my partner-in-crime-tears-laughter too for his patience and constant care and concern for myself. I hope the patience prevails further and beyond and I hope I can offer the same. Must be the positive bug influencing this gratitude of emotions but yes, I love being me because I’ve grown so much and watched it like a caterpillar in a cocoon and then finally a butterfly. Still a young butterfly but the world is huge.



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