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Boyfriend Threatens Girlfriend with a Headband

This morning as I took the train, I saw a couple about 18 or 19 years old arguing. The girl was leaning against the glass separator and the guy looming over her, his arm resting on the glass panel, beside her face. He was I would say 2 – 3 inches close from her face, and his wide staring (supposedly fierce & daunting) eyes boring into hers. I couldn’t make out what they were arguing about but the girl had tears in her eyes which she wiped away quickly before they could trickle down her cheeks.

Ok seriously, the guy looked like a total meanie. I mean he grabbed her jaw in his big hands in an attempt to look strong and menacing, and jerked her jaw up to face him. She resisted and turned her head towards the door, where his face was not wide enough to cover her entire vision.

But the bugger did something comical that made me want to laugh. The hand that was resting on the glass panel was holding a plastic headband that girls use to push their hair back. At one point of time, he was looking really pissed off with her. He pulls his arm away from the glass and grab the headband tightly, making it look almost straight and brought up close to her cheeks. His jaw clenched in restrain anger I suppose. But that headband was being flexed like a stress ball and at the same time like a weapon to I don’t know… choke her maybe? With a headband. Straight then curve, straight then curve. Almost rythmic to his jaw clenching.

I felt sorry for the girl… I mean, he remained looking at her for like the entire time I was on board, with his face hovering over hers like a face mask. Although this face mask was not cooling at all.

I felt a little depressed watching them but it was so intriguing to watch. Like a soap opera. Then I felt grateful. For not having such a face mask as a boyfriend. And then I felt more cheerful until I noticed the extremely hot weather as I walked down towards Arab Street.



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