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Happy New Year! 2010 & A Wedding

It’s the new year! WCPark had never been so happening in a quiet way. It was really nice to spend a relaxing new years eve with the lovelies! As a seafarers tradition, the boats and ships sound the horns as it struck midnight and 2010 finally arrived. Yay! Everyone cheered all round, clapping, laughing, shooting illegal fire sticks “bunga api” that shoots into the sky and makes popping sounds. And then the ships shoot out flares into the sky that fell slowly down into the water (I think) and we watched it sink, entranced by its red glow. Kinda poetic really.

And I think it was at the yacht area that fireworks started exploding on the other side. We turned and clapped in happiness, cooing over the effects and sparkly things in the sky. It wasn’t really a  major fireworks display but it was great! Well I guess applestar got to see what she wanted, minus the groping hehe! =B

So it was we simply lazed on the mats looking at the sky, daring ourselves to sleep on such a happy occasion. strangetea was about to sleep but with much protest from the others. The moon looked gorgeous however so it was really nice to lie down and watch the night sky. A couple of stars twinkling, one two and three stars I saw. Oh yes and kites! Lovely kites flying higher than the clouds! The only thing that showed it was there was the flashing lights attached to the kites. Miss Manis looked happy and that was nice to see. The kittens, my nephews and niece in this instance, were walking about, and then running back to us and doing slam dunks and roller doughs on Miss Manis. Heh.

And finally we ended the night with a game of Uno between the kitties, strangetea, applestar and me. Extremely exciting game with a final catch 22 game between arsyad and myself. Went home happy and sleepy. No rushing around from town back home. Brilliant!

& A Wedding

on Saturday. A secondary school friend and a member of the school band. First time I’ve seen her in years since the secondary school days. Brides are happy and smiling, taking pictures, lots of food and desserts, and I came at the right time as the groom arrives. Kuda kepang escorts them in and the traditional kompang. I used to hate weddings for no reason I guess… I just hated it. But I love them now. Lots of happy people around sharing the joy! I went to a previous relative’s wedding at Fort Canning and they had a beautiful kompang playing. So poignant and traditional! My god, I almost teared! =) A nice cup of tea to end it. applestar took pictures of everything as per usual and it was a happy day!



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