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I’ve been leaving this blog alone for the past two months. Gosh. Mainly because the photos I’ve uploaded are all up on Facebook.

So I’m back in Singapore, still jet lagged and finding myself dozing in the afternoons. Of course my mum thinks its laziness. But well it is the fasting month now.

There are tons of photos that I have yet to put up so do check them out over at Facebook. L.A. was really great and the past 2.5 months had been eye opening. Got to see and experience pretty much what I wanted, although I couldn’t surf.

Their museums are awesome and huge! The brilliant paintings, Van Gogh etc. Very inspiring to see all these works and the period that it was made. My eyes almost popped out trying to absorb everything.

Met lots of people from the industry. They were very nice to share things with us. Had tours to the major studios. I saw Paramount, Universal, Sony Entertainment, Warner Brothers and they had such huge soundstages!

Fooh! Can’t wait to go again! Back in Singapore, it’s time to get ready to start school next week. Another intense semester. Yosh!



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