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It’s my third week in L.A and so much things had been happening. Internships are coming along and we will soon be working hopefully. It’s been great so far though there are so many places that I have yet to go and explore. I’m waiting for finances to come along in order to do the things that I wanted here.

We went to the Academy’s Salute to Hal Ashby at the Academy of Fine Art and Science theatre. It was great! They screened Harold and Maude film by Hal Ashby which I had not seen before and it wasΒ  brilliantly funny. I enjoyed it very much. There were also guest speakers who had been influenced or worked with Hal Ashby that came and it was an impressive panel; Jon Voight, Diablo Cody, Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen, Haskell Wexler and Yusuf Islam! Yusuf (formerly known as Cat Stevens) performed a few songs that he composed in the film Harold and Maude which were really great! It is his first comeback into the US since he converted to Islam. It was really awesome! =)

Although the forum was not really done very well, the film was great and I guess I was introduced to Hal Ashby’s work which was great.



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