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Viewfinder 2; Asfa — Beauty Student—


1. It’s raining, you’re feeling a little drowsy at home but sleeping will waste so much of your time, what would you do in this awesomely rainy day?

Asfa: Grab something to read! like a very good magazine (eg. frankie) or a storybook usually fantasy.

2. What makes you tickle, jump for joy, feel a rush of bursting amusement in your chest, curl your toes?

Asfa: Looking at very very pretty vintage things! Usually online. Those pictures makes me very happy.

3. What do you love or enjoy doing most at home?

Asfa: Reading with a hot milo at a cosy corner of the house as well as surfing for more pictures on the internet.

4. What gets you inspired and why? (Could be anything around you. Give a detailed description on it)

Asfa: Beautiful people, pretty things (like new stationaries or notebooks) and pretty pictures.

5.Would you walk on the grass barefoot in the rain? Why or why not?

Asfa: No. because i’d feel very disgusted, not on the grass anyway, but i would run/walk in the rain and play with puddles.

6. Would you roll yourself in the mud for fun or glee?Why or why not?

Asfa: No. might have earthworms or some other worms or many-legged thingies.

7. What message do you have to say to the world?

Asfa: Oh, the cliche… like, live life to the fullest and nothing is impossible.. *wink wink*

8. What are you working on right now?What will you be doing with it?

Asfa: Planning to create my own characters for a story. I’m still plotting anyway. (:




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