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1. It’s raining, you’re feeling a little drowsy at home but sleeping will waste so much of your time, what would you do in this awesomely rainy day?

Sara: Park myself near the window and watch the slow drip…drip of rain, inhaling the green grass smell, indicating its been showered well. I’m hoping to see some garden gnomes too…

2. What makes you tickle, jump for joy, feel a rush of bursting amusement in your chest, curl your toes?

Sara: An amusing conversation, the silhouette of my cat, pretty cupcakes, blurr images, sun-kissed flowers, long-windy lanes, huge trees, whispering leaves, wind-blown hair…

3. What do you love or enjoy doing most at home?

Sara: Drinking pages after pages of supernatural romance & fantasy books, blasting my ears with Good Charlotte, teasing the moggies, travelling top speed on the information highway, envisioning myself as the queen in a riyad (ooh, how divine!)..

4. What gets you inspired and why? (Could be anything around you. Give a detailed description on it)

Sara: Rainy days for it’s quiet, grey and sombre mood, teensy moments where you suddenly realize something about yourself. Eavesdropping. Tread where it is forbidden and you shall discover πŸ˜‰ The printed words. What more is there to say about this?? Cats. Ooh that attitude. Plus a cat is never ugly! Images. I am most grateful for the gift of sight. Without which I would be so bored! Yes, that would apply to cute guys too. =P The occasional cup of tea or a mug of coffee, a slice of cake. or 2 slices. Decadence πŸ™‚

5. Would you walk on the grass barefoot in the rain? Why or why not?

Sara: I would if there are no worms coming out. It’s rude to congest an already congested earthworm colony.

6. Would you roll yourself in the mud for fun or glee? Why or why not?

Sara: aah…nope. You would have to refer to question 5 for the answer.

7. What message do you have to say to the world?

Sara: The end is nigh.

8. What are you working on right now? What will you be doing with it?

Sara: I’m working on my new year’s resolutions right now. And I’m hoping to implement it sometime last year πŸ™‚



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