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Tiny Futures of 2009

Tiny Futures of 2009

It had just rained and drizzling by the time we reached the car. The clouds were a murky grey but the air is fresh. It felt rejuvenating; afterall my sisters and I had gone to Tiffanys & Co. for a brief joualerie window shopping. And I notice the car windows were all splattered with these beautiful raindrops. Somehow it translates the mood that I was in.

2009. How exciting! I didn’t get the time to think through my new year resolutions. It all seems blurry and hazy come to think of it. In fact my new year resolutions only came in the form of realizations on the 1st of January. Brilliant!

And so it was I decided to take control of my health on this brand new year. I feel like an old lady at the age of 25. It’s going to be 26 midway so… *looks horrifically around*

Health also includes a healthier mind, so this blog is a pretty smashing way to achieve that. I really hope it does! I wonder what other people’s resolutions are.




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