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Random Happiness

1.0 Discovery

It’s the holidays now and I’m feeling a kind of fuzzy funky feeling. There’s this drum beat in my head and I’m all smiles. I tap my feet to the beat and my heads are moving from side to side. It’s December!

I’m walking a little fast in the early morning breeze. The sun is just about to appear over the horizon but it is still cold. The wind ruffles my hair and I take a deep breath. I give a little hop in the air, I felt like flying! And then I stop. And I look at the sky and the trees. They look beautiful! I smiled to myself, almost laughing. And that is when I look down on the ground, at my feet. There is a little green leaf. I looked closer and there are water droplets twinkling under the brightening sky. How lovely! I bend down and take a much much closer look. It tickles my muse seeing the round fat droplets.

I got up and there beside me is a bicycle. I climb over and start riding along the pathway. The wind rides along side of me and my face turns cold but I laugh heartily. My heart feels it’s bursting with contentment. Nothing worries me at the moment. Nothing is bothering me either. I feel appreciative for the first time.



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December 2008
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Furry bundle. "Like a graceful vase, a cat, even when motionless, seems to flow" - George F. Will
Sleeping tabby at a fish market. #singaporecat Bad ass #aliencovenant ad 😱❤️ Missing le kitties! 😭 Kong Island. Slow mo shot. 😂 Can't wait!!! #aliencovenant #may10 Sunset in Krabi #tbt Finally left office before dark! What a treat! 🙏🎉💃🏻😂#submittedfirasat Nice chocolate! Bought from iHerb. It was just 40cents! Chocolate + Cat = All's well. 😁👍🏻 #catsg Huge windmills. #tbt #rotterdam
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