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Exams and Holidays After!

Tomorrow is my negotiations presentation. I’m actually not looking forward to it. I hate to be the bitch I guess. But somehow or rather you have to, so that people won’t step on your tail. But I mean this is a bloody presentation lah. Come on. Seriously this is so urgh man! I can’t wait for it to be over.

Then after that we are re-enacting the court case of Da Vinci Code vs Holy Blood Holy Grail. Group A, which is the other class will be representing Holy Blood Holy Grail while Group B, my class, will be representing Random House Publisher for Da Vinci Code. I love this one. There is so much research to do! Plus it involves historical topics which sweeps you off your feet once you get really into it. Sometimes it’s hard to re-surface and retrace your steps.

This week I’m on leave from work. Funny enough I got sick on my first day of leave. Plus it is the week of assignment dues and presentations and exam! Totally great. I’m feeling funky, drowsy and stoning in my own delectable world. We just had a final meeting today and I was stoning man. I was listening but I just can’t think of any ideas or retorts or comments on anything. It was just too hard and tiring for me to do that. I had used up all my brain storage to store up information for our exam paper earlier on.

I better get myself to sleep. My brain is running off on it’s own. My throat is aching. My nose is running. It is half blocked as well. I am feeling absolutely funky. I just got my pay as well and I’m broke the next. Cool huh?

I want to lie down on the cool green green grass and look at the skies above me. I haven’t done that in a long while.



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