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Crimes & Passion

So these past few months have led me through a number of crime cases in Singapore and filming them wasn’t always an easy feat. Well just the other day I was at a carpark stealing motorbikes and the day before an old man was cheating old ladies of their jewelleries on the streets. Never a boring day wouldn’t you say?

National Day was spent at my sisters house and we had a smashing time with good food and a belated birthday cake for my sister which was oozing with nutella!! And while others are watching the NDP on television, we were browsing on Dior rings filled with fantastical jewels intricately designed to appear like a magical forest or a glittering pond! The first time I actually fell in love with rings… I wonder how I can get a piece.

It is mid August almost. Almost fasting month. Almost end of year. And I have not done these:

1. Start my practical driving classes
2. Pay back my fast
3. Continue revising Japanese
4. Save up for my Canon DSLR

Gotta keep whipping my ass off the floor to keep moving. Anyways lots to do!



One thought on “Crimes & Passion

  1. Dior

    I know what you mean. I feel so obsessed with them. Keep looking them up. And I haven’t paid up my fast too.

    Posted by msmanis | August 17, 2008, 7:04 am

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