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Random Happiness


Things that make you happy are small every day things that happens around you or things that you see that just tickles the soul to see it in a very delightful or meaningful way. For me, happy things are:

My ever adorable, naughty, unloving-in-return cats
Books (lots of them)

Actually money comes into the picture but that’s really missing the true meaning of it don’t you think? Anyway, I might be removing this blog for a time or perhaps some time when I feel that I could write more, relate to people more of something. I am thinking of putting up pictures instead on my flickr site. So do check them out from time to time at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ms_moony/. Or add me if you’re a friend and we can share photos of ourselves.

Truthfully, sometimes you find it so hard to go through what you do everyday, dealing with people, with colleagues that simply bugs the hell out of ya and you feel like just throwing a knife at their foreheads. Bosses that sucks are running about endlessly that you simply can’t find a decent one out there. People who think they are the best in the world and that everything revolves around them. Sometimes if you really think about it, you just feel like flinging out your desk and then stomping off without even looking back and turning around from your job. But of course, it doesn’t work that way. I find the truth in what my sister said: perhaps we’ve been putting our expectations too high and in these times, it is purely unreachable or unfathomable to begin with. Perhaps I’m good at writing depressing stories! Yes!

I was just thinking of throwing out my  written diary actually because I’ve been writing all the  upsetting stories in there until I felt disgusted by it. Isn’t there anything interesting out there that I can write about? I mean, does this world look so black and white to me all the time? Actually no. There are many things that I found so beautiful and nice and enriching that I just float sometimes! But I never wrote them down, never thought about it, never relate to it nowadays either. It, well… remain in pictures nowadays. So perhaps I might be able to pull those good times out from what I took with my camera. Perhaps I might learn to forget all the nastiness in life, learn once again to care and share and think happy thoughts and be somebody I can be proud of. And so I shall. So I’ll give writing a break and focus on what I see. And I’ll still write little notes with them to relate how I feel. Mayhap it might change into something better! I definitely bloody hope so because I feel TIRED and PISSY and I feel like SHOOTING FUCKING PEOPLE down who pisses me off.

‘I feel so angry all the time’ – Harry Potter.

I feel you Harry. All we need is a little bit of effort. A little Voldemort out there perhaps will lead us to the light. =)



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