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4th Anniversary. =)

Today was the 4th Anniversary of our thankfully gracious relationship with Man. It was a pretty relaxed day with me feeling tired and Man still recovering from his bout of diarrhea. So we started at Queensway shopping centre looking at sports shoes for myself. It was crowded and people were shopping…a lot, so we decided to head down to Peninsula Plaza instead. There I found a nice lime green Nike shoe which was just perfect.  They had my size and the sole was what I was looking for. Man bought that for me as an anniversary gift. It was lovely!

We dropped in to a few skate shops to look at what they have. We were thinking of taking up roller blading for our weekend sports. So we went browsing for new skates. The price range is pretty gulping but I think it’s a really worth buy. Some are on discounts as well which is great and the designs are beautiful! I shall save up for that one.

So I treat our anniversary dinner at the Manhattan Fish Market at Central. It is almost similar to Fish & Co. but they are pretty good as well. We had those platters for two which has a lot of selections in it. It was pretty good really. We also tried their desserts. Tiramisu! It was SUPERB! Lovely man…I could just taste the different layers! The oozing cheese and cocoa… *shakes head…*

So after dinner we had a lovely walk around the Central shops and it was great. It wasn’t crowded, it was relaxing and we chatted a lot! Happy 4th Anniversary! =B* May we have better future years ahead with crazy and enjoyable times. Insyaallah… =)



2 thoughts on “4th Anniversary. =)

  1. Hey cuZzie..happy anniversary to the both of u! How time flies and u both have reach the 4th yr..Will doa for u ok till u get married! Im waiting! LOL -fizah

    Posted by Anonymous | April 7, 2008, 2:56 pm

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