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Thrilling Saturday


Having discovered that I’ve added a few extra pounds onto the already fleshy self, it was time to do something. So my sister and I decided to ‘try’ and fix that humungous problem by starting our fitness programme. Yay we’re doing something!

So it was on this ground that we laboured our efforts into doing situps which was a torture. It was horrible seeing my performance… Gosh I could do better than this before! The stretching of the muscle like a tight knot. Gives me the stiches…
It was pretty enjoyable nonetheless and after the ‘warm-up’, we had some short badminton session and then the shuttle cock fell into a drain of mud; got dirty and we stopped. Headed back to the fitness corner and did a couple more situps. Oh we also relieved our twirl moments back in the primary school days! That was fun! It was the somersault action on the pull-up bar. It was so hot back in the primaries that gals who were able to do that were considered a pretty cool bunch.


Went out with Man in the afternoon and we went to East Coast Park as I wanted to show him the super cool sport of SKI 360. That was cool but unfortunately they were having techi problems with the machine so no one was surfing at that point. So disappointing… Hopefully I’ll be able to try it soon! And then as we walked along the trail back down, the clouds started building up and it was just brimming with rain! We walked till we finally reached MacDonald’s area. By then it was underpass, or getting soaking wet. Leaving the area was a better idea and by the time we reached the other side, it started pattering loudly. We got to the taxi stand and hailed a cab to head down to Vivo for a movie. That’s when it got interesting. As the taxi headed through the expressway, it was raining buckets I tell you! Sheets and sheets of rain just splashing down. The roads were a haze and you can barely see the signs. It was kinda scary really as the driver was really driving slowly and a couple of times the car in front splashed through puddles on the road and the water was thrown back onto the taxi’s windscreen and it blurred the view terribly. The taxi made a few sudden stops which was nerve-wrecking.

But we got to Vivo safely. By the time we passed the city area, the sky was clear. It didn’t rain at that part of town. So interesting really!

Oh we watched クロズ Zero film. Awesome Japanese gangsta movie based on one of the mangas. Really cool movie with two of my favourite actors inside, Shun Oguri & Takayuki Yamada! Sugoi desuyo! Full of punches, assaults, blood, violence, you name it! It’s a little like Reservoir Dogs but I think this is much awesome. Really! Let me copy a synopsis:
Billed as a prequel to the events in the hugely popular Manga (written by Takahashi Hishori) ‘Crows,’ the live action movie is a story of violent warfare between rival high-school gangs. For a taste of what’s to come, check out the teaser trailer on the official site. Anyway it’s out in GV cinemas. I loved it loved it loved it!

And last but not least, today was my turn to pickup my mum from dialysis. And I didn’t realize but we had to wear this protective plastics now on our shoes. I guess their increasing their standard of hygiene. But I think it’s a waste of plastic seriously…

The end of my Saturday. =)



4 thoughts on “Thrilling Saturday

  1. omg! asra!
    i wanted to watch that show so much!
    well now that i know that you like Shun too…
    we’re going movie watching when his other film comes out k?

    miss ya!

    Posted by yoshkusa | March 22, 2008, 10:03 pm
    • You like Shun toO??! That is so Awesome! Yah totally man we must watch his films together k!! Must must! Oh I also like Mizushima Hiro san! And Ikuta Toma! Totemo Handsome na! *smiling at the sky*
      Can’t wait for the Hana Yori Dango movie!

      Miss you too jia!! If only you’re here, then can watch Crows Zero with ya! I don’t mind watching it again man…. subarashii! =B

      Posted by mystexile | March 23, 2008, 7:55 am
      • OMG! onz, it’ll be Shun/Hiro/Toma’s movie night when I get back.
        I have so many of Shun’s dvds that I bought but haven’t watch…
        I’m trying to get Sukiyaki Western Django too.

        Posted by yoshkusa | March 23, 2008, 2:56 pm
      • Sugoi Jia san! Okok i’ll be waiting for you to come back hor. LolX! You better come back loh…. haven’t seen you in ages! hehe! =B

        Posted by mystexile | March 28, 2008, 5:13 am

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