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work sucks sometimes

Sometimes no matter how you try to stay positive or learning so many things and trying to be happy, some little gritty things can just make you turn into a cloudy and rainy weather. Well that is for my case. Sigh~ so therefore it was really a refreshing and exuberating moment when I met up with my Prints pals after work to visit them and catch up on things. I miss them quite a bit actually. Working in my current line, the circle you work around in is totally different. Or maybe I am not accustomed to the people around yet… They just talk differently! Sigh~ well anyway, I just felt sucky lately in terms of the human relationship and how sometimes I see their responses towards me. Gah it just bugs me man. I know I can be so picky and anal on these things. Every tiny body language or personal expression they make, it’s almost like I register or record them in memory!

So finally! Today I was able to relax and catch up on the mundane things of customer service. It was great! I miss talking to customers actually and recommending stuffs. There are shitty and fucked up customers out there of course no denying it but..somehow those moments became memorable. I miss the people I work with like Mardi, Mary, Joe, Wanzhi, Christopher, Jolene and even Jeff! Though I dun wish to pursue a career in customer service, I do miss it nonetheless cos its a totally different experience and the ppl you meet are different as well.

Well not to say that I hate my job right now. Maybe it takes time to settle down? Get comfortable and know more people? But I dun think I’ll meet colleagues in Prints or Borders or even customers (fucky as they are sometimes) in this industry. And thats what I believe I dun regret. Yes! I don’t regret now missing tat 1 or 2 years doing sales instead of going into the line of what i studied in initially. Because each job doesn’t have the same experience! And whatever I learnt in sales, made me what I am today. (haha sounds so cliche..) But true. Sigh~



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