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To Do:

It’s been a great month or so! I got to spend time reading voraciously and trying to get my priorities straighten up with homeworks and studying for my final theory test. It has been rather a while since I got such a long break from anything, but there are of course the side effects like:

1. money is scarce
2. you keep thinking about your bills
3. you keep thinking how to pay your bills
4. you start to panic
5. you look around you to find something to sell off
6. you start pacing the house
7. you start to hug your cats tightly to feel comforted
8. they yowl and scratch you leaving you some jurassic scars
9. you finally just sit down and continue reading because you don’t care.
10. actually you do care but you can’t do anything at the moment so let’s leave it
till the next day.

So the cycle repeats itself and I decided to pen it down on my diary, which remains closed this past month since there isn’t much activity to do. But I hope to be starting work next week with a project that I hope will go successfully. Otherwise I probably just revert to my slacking pose once again. Well that’s all the updates for now. Lots of books to read so not to worry about nothing to do but too much to do!



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