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tired tired tired~

I’m so tired today my legs feel like it’s dropping off!

Weird customers today:
– A middle aged lady (who looks like a possible young grandma who still goes clubbing ) came to our store in need of help in gift wrapping. She needed to put in a photograph and some chocolates into a box and tie it up with a nice ribbon and a card. We started having a conversation and her showing me pictures of her ‘boy friends’ she met at the pub she went to. So while I was wrapping, she kindly gave me a full account of how the boy friends are singers at the pub, and they all loved her. She didn’t have feelings for them actually but they do. So this particular filipino singer dude apparently likes her and she decides to give him a gift with lots of red tones and heart shape cards. Her other friends could tell that he loved her or something like that and wants her. (rolls eyes) Then she was asking me what to write in the card and maybe she should write something behind the photograph! Something private since she’s getting a card to be placed outside the box. That’s when the fun starts when she starts exclaiming in detail about what she COULD write behind the photograph like “I wanna fuck you, I love you, fuck you on the thighs (something around those lines).. (hysterical laughter in between sentences).. I love you! Can what right? I’m a Christian and God gave me this love. So I can love him right? Hahahaha Brothers and sisters right. hahaha!”

I could hear myself giving a reluctant reply… ” you could do that..err haha..yeah..!”

“Love doesn’t mean lust or love of the flesh or love of the heart you know? Love is friendship. You know we share this connection…”

“Pure love lah..”

” Yah yah pure love! True love. Not of the lust for flesh or sex. It’s brother and sister love! See my chain cross? There..he is also Christian. He’s married with one kid..but the girls at the pub also love him lah.. the manager practically throw herself at him…”

I looked at my colleague who was defiantly NOT looking up at the lady while he was wrapping another gift for two army officials.
After a few minutes, I noticed the two officials were hastily wandering away from our table while the lady writes her message on the photograph.

I think I was hit by a stunning spell then.



3 thoughts on “tired tired tired~

  1. Stupefy!

    If it were me, I’d go, “Woh, too much info, lady!”

    But then weird customers break the boring routine of work and makes it fun again, eh. =P

    Posted by mzangel84 | August 2, 2007, 1:14 am
  2. omg!! wat a wackO! =P

    Posted by anastasiana | August 2, 2007, 1:15 am
  3. yah! I wish I could but I was too stupefied to say anything lol! Could feel blood rushing to my cheeks and I was laughing almost hysterically as her! hehe yes well, she made my day that woman lolx!

    Posted by mystexile | August 2, 2007, 5:50 pm

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