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Lemon Drops

An amazing reunion again with Sugar high and Jia with Man along as well. It was so good to see each other again after such a long time and since Jia is only here for two months!

So we finally met up successfully and decided to check out Haji Lane to hang out. I hadn’t realize there are so many indi-shops popping out all along that lane and some were pretty interesting. But as we were hungry, we went scouting for food locations and by the time Man arrived, we couldn’t decide. Finally settled to eat at one of the Middle Eastern food place and ordered our food. Waited for an hour for the food in which we spent time talking and laughing and dissing work/bosses/life..etc. Ordered a basket of bread while waiting. Pretty nice I must say. Sugar gave us a treat! So sweet man…

Headed to Holland Village after that for coffeeclub coffee. Holland Village was pretty hyped up and crowded. Wala Wala looked interesting..rather reminded me of Pattaya agogo hot spots area. lolx. But this was much decent. Talked and talked again over the towering Muddy Mud Pie and yeah that few hours wasn’t enough lolx. Miss Sugar and Jia alot… all those times in school, being bullied with the swivel chair, teased mercilessly (heh)Well okay I’m exaggerating! Memories memories..

And so I finally am looking forward to August where the fun and the trouble begins. Worried at the same time but I’ll just give this a shot. If I don’t I’ll never know right? So hopefully all goes well with daisies and sunflowers smiling up at me.

Who knows, I may plant trees and orchids down at the basketball court and set up an animals union! Let’s do the Lonely Planet trick. =B



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