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Random Happiness


I feel rather matured lately as I have received 2 invitation cards to my friends wedding which makes it pretty cool! I feel like I’ve come of age where you’ll be frequented with wedding invites from your friends. But of course, I’m still 23+++. The first invitation is to Sharul’s wedding which has just passed. Went over at night with a group of Prints and had a nice chat. Shahrul didn’t even look as if he was getting married! Lolx. So strange but interesting really.

I’ve got a new phase on how to approach work now. Feel rather happy about it as I’ve come to accept what I’m capable of and what I am suppose to do. There’s still that angst feelings which I can’t deny will come ever so often to intrude my mind but my objectives are much clearer now so I am cool with work. Its like temporary part time for me now.

I’ve turn to a new book, Sophie’s World which delves into deep philosophy and digging even back to the times of how the planets form and Plato, Socrates have discoveries of the world. It was really a bore sometimes reading what they think about how our minds work, how this and that works and etc. but what really struck me is that, what they discover is really the foundation of what really is the now. Their theories actually makes us form our own concepts and our own believes and yeah, that was what really is interesting about the book and the way it is written is also in fiction style which is even more complicated to explain. I’m left with a number of pages left so we’ll see how the ending goes which I’m pretty excited about.

And OH! I have not posted my Jap Class picture. Shall do it soon and see how our class have shrunk! But there’s a new guy now and he is abit irritating but he gave me a dictionary so I feel bad saying that.

update again later!

ps: layout sucks. shall one day change it soon. =B



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