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Hallo hallo hallO!

Amazingly it has only been a few weeks since I wrote, though it felt like months. Nothing to jot down about really, although I have been getting my readings done with a number of books. I am still working at the colorful shop and I have been feeling rather colorful myself.

I’m hoping for a new scenery soon.

I have just started my Japanese class again recently with the same cast and two other new members. One is a student, who I have not really talked much as she seems unapproachable and has a haughty upper nose. The other is a middle age lady who is full of smiles and has quite a cheerful bubbly personality! We are having the same sensei this new Elementary 3 class and as always, he is quite a fun teacher to joke with.

My previous entry was congratulating on the new year and that I’ve just recently watched a movie and i loved watching movies etc.etc. Dull uninformative really but I was testing on whether I can write a Japanese book someday. One day that is… who knows! haha!

The weather has been very much like the stock markets. Bright shimmering and glowing with sunny love! And then the next, hooting winds slides pass the shivering trees,blowing in the heavy grey clouds that hides the sun and casting low shadows and mellow tones of colors all around and it seems best to cuddle and wrapped up in your bed with a mug of hot chocolate and a nice imaginative book on one hand.

So it has been great. Smashing! And I’m off to write a book since the weather is so fine. Ja ne!



2 thoughts on “February!

  1. oh my goodness asra..!

    u’ll neber believe me..!!!

    after seeing ur sister yday at my store, malamnye i mimpi pasal you seyyy…!!!! it’s was uber cool man. u were on ur way home den, i just felt like calling you. den without us knowing, we were on the same bus.

    Mcm dejavu kann..?!?! just like last time gitu.. but it was fun..
    oh well, hope to bum into you soon =D


    Posted by Anonymous | January 31, 2007, 2:16 am

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