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Random Happiness

Douzy snoosh snookum!

Feel cheery now that I sorted things out slightly. Plus Xmas is coming and I’m at OUB lately, hence theres lots of WRAPPING!! Yay! Customers there are slightly up notch abit but nothing beats Borders customers (who are the ultimatum of being the fuckiest, fussiest and fanatics-for-making-trouble customers there is). So I’m quite cool with being there and the shop is small so it gets really stuffy and cramp during lunch period. Its great! =B

The new cpu is sOOOOOOOOO much faster now that we’re basically breeeeziing thru online pages, and opening document files without the stuttering of the old pentium celeron processor trying to spurt out the infos as fast as they could. I mean that is like OOOOOOOLD man…SUPER old. But it didnt crash on us or anything so that was really admirable considering its been like 6 years pumping out information for us. =/ awesome and memorable.

Mum and young sis went to Australia and just came back. Mum seems to be sick coming back from it though =/ mayhap she ate something wrong there… i dunno.

Trying to get ready for next year. Insyaallah we will transit in to 2007 safely. This year however I feel the mood for resolutions! =B So I’ve gotten ready with a new diary and gonna write resolutions asap. Shall write down wat they are if I dun feel shy about it here.

Sugars gotten herself some tattoos! Inspired me to do something of my own as well. No no not tattoos!! Actually alot of things I wanna get since before before so lets make that part of the resolution aye?!

I seriously feel weird saying “next month” cos its like really in like 3 weeks time? and keep looking forward to pay day once again…and then feel weird cos its the end of the year! Its January next month. Its 2007. Its a new year. Its like going back to schooL!

I’m thinking new hairdo, i’m thinking ladylike Asra, I’m thinking new job, i’m thinking Lets Sit Up Asra! heh wat a teaser.
I’m truly wonky today..must be the Bridget fever.



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