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Random Happiness

The Violent

Well its been awhile. Lots of emotional upheavals lately and boy do I feel like choking someone… GAAAH!

So I’ve turned evil once again and I just feel tired of feeling that way. So I shall take my sisters recommendation and turn to stone. I shall observe but thats all. I need a total break from this shit.

So lets smile. Keep smiling!

I also would like to stop being a jealous bitch. Must be because I’m the third child in the family. Such a messed up one. But I realize if you put your mind to it, there is nothing to be fuckin jealous about no? =/ hmm a thought.

I feel rather tired, lethargic and down today.

Hari Raya ended way early for me. Didn’t go anywhere.

I love and hate work sometimes.

I just feel shitty is all so perhaps sleep is a good antidote. And I shall stuff myself with chocolates till my happy glands burst.



2 thoughts on “The Violent

  1. hey jun nice to hear from you =)

    cant reply thru your xanga site apparently…so here i am replying.
    My jap class finish for the time being till next year. so practice kat rumah aje rite now. quite hard cos now kinda busy with work.

    Yah i heard you work at pageone now. must be cool! =P shall visit you one of these days yah.

    such a trying time at home lately…so i dun wan to blog all the bad stuffs. heh if not everyday will be bad entries.

    you take care as well. free free msg ah nonsense k. =)

    Posted by mystexile | November 26, 2006, 5:29 am
    • heeeeeyyy..

      dats ok. my xanga’s more private now. i took out my chatbox for spam reasons too. pple whom putting up signage juz to promote their blog watever nonsense shitz. haha.. and also, unnecessary comments, of coz.

      see u around kz.. =D

      Posted by Anonymous | November 28, 2006, 6:05 am

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