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Random Happiness

Di Ambang Sepi

I havent got the time to study Jap! Been working at Citylink for ages and couldn’t meet with Maky Lee as well for our weekly meetup =/ Sigh~ Test in two weeks time oh dear oh dear! Gotta work something out soon. Aggh! I have to get totemo ii des!!

I finally had an outing with my sisters yesterday and though it was superbly tiring, I enjoyed it immensely cos’ FINALLY I had a break from all the trashy work days. Oklah not trashy but I’m beginning to feel my lethargic self again. Need a new change of routine. But anyway, so we went to Geylang to get for my younger sis baju kurung/kebaya plus walk walk and immerse ourselves in the spirit of kemelayuan. hehe. Nolah. Its the same stuffs all the time there and can be quite annoying and boring, but truthfully, I feel that I still have to visit it once every Hari Raya cos’ its the spirit that brings me joy everytime. I didnt know my eldest sis was coming too, so when we nicely terserempak with each other, I was just astonished and super excited lolx. Miss her and the “kitties”… =(

So walk and walk till my legs went wobbly and headed back to the Singapore Post Office where my sis parked her car. She waited for us there cos she didnt want to go thru the crazy thick crowd. The crowdness was CRAZY!

Got two bajus for my younger sis which were nice and reasonably priced. I couldnt find a nice handbag for meself and instead bought a cd (Dikir Temasek) which is all Dikir Barat songs by the Dikir Temasek. Very nice! Bought some food and stuffs and thats it! =B

Haven’t been in contact with friends lately… I feel slightly aloof and alone. Am I that horrible?



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