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on books

Today is off day! I’m so happy and glad! Got to sleep late and its fasting month already and today I have Jap class! Amazing =)

Oh I lost my phone last week at work. At Parkway to be precise and though I mourn for the lost of it, I felt slightly detached. Maybe I wasn’t meant to have it lah I guess no? Or maybe I was just stupid and careless =) Parkway life is very far and I’m not used to it. The shop’s aura is also different. I appreciate my moments at Centrepoint more now teehee. So anyway quite a drag to go there but its alright. Its quite busy there and the shopping mall is crazily big.

Man’s done with NS. He’s clearing his leave now and ORD next month. Super fast ain’t it? Helped somewhat with his resume and cover letter and it was quite fun lolx. I hope he gets the ESPN job that he applied for.

I need to change my computer. Which means I have to change the whole damn thing! Blearggh…

Oh oh something cheered me up so greatly the other day. I was at Parkway and I went in search for their library during my lunchbreak but it was too bloody far so I decided to drop by the MPH to have a look around. And there, the section on classics. JANE AUSTEN, LOUISA MAY ALCOTT, CHARLES DICKENS ETC. ETC. AWESOME i tell you! I was just in the fever of reading Jane Austen’s books after watching the movie Pride & Prejudice (totally romantic!!!) and seeing them on the shelf was like finding gold! And the next best thing was, I turn to the back of the cover to check the price, and it was at $4.73!! So I called my sis and asked her which one should I get. It was really a blissful experience. So grabbing four books in hand, marched up to the counter and paid proudly (if that is possible at all). The staff actually asked me if its for my literature class or something lolx.

I shall get more on my next paycheck.

Ex Libris by Anne Fadiman:
” I believe that books- buying them, reading them, annotating them, indexing them, housing them, and writing about them- saved Gladstone from paralyzing stress. Without them, he might not have lived to the then-astonishing age of eighty-eight in spite of erysipelas, bronchitis,tonsillitis, indigestion, lumbago, catarrh, pneumnoia, and finally, cancer of the palate.”
 – on the four times British Prime Minister, of the Liberal Party, scholar, theologian, orator, humanitarian, financier – William Ewart Gladstone. 

Wiliam Ewart Gladstone:
“The book must of necessity be put into a bookcase. And the bookcase must be housed. And the house must be kept. And the library must be dusted, must be arranged, must be catalogued. What a vista of toil, yet not unhappy toil!”



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