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Hi. =)

I havent had the time to write here nor I feel that I have anything to write or note down. Weeks has passed in a blink of an eye and I havent even sat down to think about my day. So let me start of with the topic on nothing to talk about. I do have stuffs to tell but perhaps being a year older and a month older progressively has just made me lose my tongue. I don’t even feel like I wanna write hateful stuffs, nor do I wanna rant about anything. I want to tell of my good days but its fresh in my memory and the feeling of writing it down doesn’t feel so urgent anymore.

It is strange really but I kind of like it. Just blogging once every several weeks to say something or read other stuffs thats going on. Its pretty cool..

My Japanese classes for example is going into the difficult stage now: learning Kanji. I for one will be struggling with it. The chinese students will have the upper hand and I have to work double hard to catch up but I think I’ll manage cos’ I love the language. =)

My sister just got back from London and her trip to France etc.. she went to the LouVre museum where the Mona Lisa is! How sugoi is that??! Havent get the full story yet and we are to meet up soon. I want to hear all about the trip!

My kitties are well and fine. Furry and lovable at one time, mischievious and devious at another. I love to think that they are live soft & plushy toys!

I found a new mop solution that smells great and I bought it immediately to use at home. The brand is  Ajax and it smells of green apples.

Work has been nice and boring at certain levels and periods. I am doing my other stuffs to keep myself progressing and fuelling or I’ll die of mal-knowledgement (being at CentrePoint has its uses indeed heh…).

Such a messed confused period this has all been…I hope this will lead somewhere. =)



2 thoughts on “ponders

  1. *hugs*

    hmm im not a fan of confused periods.. so i hope you get thru it all soon!! =)

    Posted by anastasiana | August 13, 2006, 4:34 pm

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