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I’m so backdated that Im gonna be typing about the Coldplay concert that I went on Monday. Hur hur hur!!! =B I took pictures! But unfortunately its in my phone… =(

Chris Martin was like SUPER CALLA HANDSOME LICKISH ESPECIALLY HIS CUTISH NOSE! His very tall and his performance was so like what you see in tv! Haha! He’s funny and fun and I believe the most talented musician I’ve ever seen. Awesome. And they played my favourite songs! There was also Yellow and CloCKS! AhhH! The crowd was like PACKED i tell you! Queued up with Sugar at 3.30 like that and when we finally got into the hall, we went running right up to the front of the stage! UBER COOL cos I saw CHRIS MARTIN UP CLOSE!!!! WAAAAAAH! And he has green swimming eyes that you can just drown in! And I tell you, this is really like those romance novels where the guys description have like ‘…intense eyes that she can simply drown forever…’ sentences and Chris Martin has THAT!!! Those eyes! *faints*

We were jostled, swaying, camera smacked, singing and just grooving to the spacy tunes of Coldplay. I LOVE EM! AWESOME AWESOME!

My sister couldnt stand with us cos she came in later and got too crowded that she couldnt move up to us. So we only met after the concert lol. Felt bad cos she couldnt stand with us but I’m glad she enjoyed it even though we were not together. =B Ahhh SUGOI! SUGOI SUGOI SUGOI!!

Sugar has some pics up at her bloggie though with Chris Martin in action! *drools*



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