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Random Happiness

Been a tiring few days of work. Japanese class on Tuesday was quite funny lolx and new stuffs to learn. Gahh its blowing my brains out but I still love it. I just need to memorize the words and adjectives and nouns. *slumps over the table* Last class will be on July 18th and they had already asked to complete a form to indicate whether we are continuing to the next level or not. Then on July 18th is also our test. Theory and Oral test!!!! Oh My GAWD! Rather nervous about it actually. *bites nails*

Todays my off day once again. I have exciting plans but I doubt I’d do them hehe cos im tired.

Man can’t go to Coldplay concert due to last minute information of some SCDF exercises in the wee hours of the morning the next day. Which is like 2am. And he has to leave the camp at like 9pm on that Coldplay night. Bugger… Camp SUCKS! Screw them! They had to pick that day dont they!!! Gaaaaah! Sigh… I’m pissed at him (though its not his fault)…. pissed at those stupid SCDF organisers!!! But I guess it must suck for him too… hmmmz…. I hate NS most times (though it is still essential me thinks)… nevertheless….. stupid little &Y$@#$!~%@!!!!

But seriously I dont need to be pissed do i? I AM going anyway so no loss for me.  It is a great disappointment for him however…. and what do i do? I get pissed…. sigh~ so selfish. 

So anyway, I cant wait for payday. =)



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