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Random Happiness

Psapp me off my energy

I’m back!

Was an enjoyable trip. =) KL is nice for sightseeing but I dunno wat to shop for. I went to the Petronas and it was really great cos I was standing right there. felt slightly emotional seeing it. heh… maybe cos I’ve been watching Mega Structures of Asia from National Geographic. teehee.

The kids were bored easily so we had difficulty in walking around sightseeing. But nevertheless, spending time in the hotel was great as well cos the rooms were big and spacious and super comfortable! I love the breakfast food! =)
But the best part I think was the journey on the train! The night train was great cos we had own beds to plonk into and privacy. So you lie there comfortably while the train rocks you to sleep. Awesome! But my sisters and me spend a number of hours chatting while we watch the scenery go by (in darkness and in the approaching morning) lolx so that was fun too.

There are so many things to mention! lolx. I shall go develop the photos first and see how it looks. I think I messed up a number of shots cos i put it on the wrong ISO. Haiz…. I forgot to change it… bugger me.

Came back home to the news that my sister has lost her bag at the beach on thursday (the night we left for KL). I’m pissed or annoyed or whatever. My phone that I lent her was lost, keys, book, clothes all gone. Screwed up really… GAAAH~ i dunno what to say lah. This is already twice in the full history. One after the next…. I dunno if you ever get this feeling of a creepy crawlie right in your tummy that rumbles up and up right up your lungs, heart, throat and throbs in your brain and you feel like exploding into a fiery roar. Well I’m having such a feeling at this moment.

Sigh~ I feel sick of being angry.



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