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Random Happiness


Today was rather a fulfilling day! I brought my camera to work today but did not load up the film. I didnt wanna waste it on stupid pictures but.. i just felt like bringing it. It felt good! =P Ended work till 5.30 and headed down to BooksActually at Telok Ayer Street (my frens cozy bookstore) and had a portrait shot of me and my camera taken by a lady photographer who will be having an exhibition at the end of the month at Basheer Bookstore. Pretty cool and it was very fast lolx. Miss the place cos its been awhile that I havent visited it. There were new goods that are sold now and they brought in this super awesome cool notebooks (the Moleskins) which screamed at me to buy em!!! Agggh! I have thousands at home already which I have not used!!

I was saved by the fact that I had to rush for my Jap class next which was quite nearby at Cecil Street. So it was cool! Walking distance away! Shall visit again on my off day or somefin no? =D
Then Jap class was a handful today too cos we learned a new batch of grammar thingies and pronunciations. Our numbers were still pretty weak so our teacher let us off with the numerical dictation. but today was the last of Hiragana lesson! Next week brings a whole new story. hehe. But its really nice. I love it! I love it i love it i love it!!!

Oh in the morning Anand my poly fren passed by and came in to the store for a chat. Lolx the crazy guy actually was walking around at Citylink at 10.30 am to buy jeans at Zara! So enthusiastic… even I dont go shopping that early. But yeah, the guy is slacking in NS (he doesnt even have to go in to camp! ) and the world is not fair at all. heh Then Ivan came for an interview in the morning! Ex-Borders staff are congregating at Prints I tell you… but yeah nice to see him and he’ll be starting next Monday. Cool!

And on Sunday I got pissed again at work. Minor minor thing come to think of it but yeah I was pissed at that point and couldnt think clearly. Lucky end work early and met up with sisters to go window shopping. And I ended up buying a lovely dress! Oooh the dress is so sweet I could  melt in it. I cant wait to wear it nyehehe. And of course I totally cooled down and hardly remember the broiling feeling I had a few hours ago. Lovely dress and I have never had one before! So this is really exciting. =D

Then Saturday was quite a long day. Supposedly the company barbeque but i decided not to attend cos its freaking far and its bloody late. Then met up with Sugar and Jiaxin for abit of cake and drink. They were gonna watch Poseidon but I didnt feel like watching that so cracked up abit over the cakes (and my cake was UBER AWESOME. It taste like Ferrero Roche or something but its cake!) and went back home after! =)

I feel rather enthusiastic these past few days and brimming with energy to do something but I’m not sure what exactly. Suppose to check on a couple of websites, and do some stuffs which I have been pushing back but I keep watching tv after work and sleep. Tired mah! Teehee! I’m in need of a shower so laters!



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